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The Acupuncture clinic has been established in the centre of Uckfield, East Sussex, since 2003 and has since been part of the wider community to help with the healthcare of adults and children.

Patients are coming for the treatment of acute to chronic conditions, including support for infertility, cancer care, auto-immune and psycho-emotional conditions.

What is Acupuncture? ​

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that originated in China about 2500BC and is part of the oldest system of medicine that has been continuously practiced until the present times.

Acupuncture is based on the insight and understanding of life and humanity that has evolved over thousands of years. This philosophy has been developed, practiced and passed on by individuals of many eras and places.

There are universal commonalities that unite all humanity and life, and each individual is a unique expression of this unity with a unique way of interacting with and responding to our environment.

It is only natural that each practitioner of Acupuncture will have a unique way of applying this Philosophy in the treatment of patients, just as each patient will be unique in his/her expression of symptoms and conditions.

“Health is the creative expression of our uniqueness into the world, while at the same time to feel part of the unity of life that connects all life.”

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Each Individual is a unique, ever changing complex compound of many different aspects.

The cosmos has a big influence on life on Earth, most obvious through the effect of the interaction of sun and moon. This gives us the rhythm of day and night, the months and the year, the cycles of our lives and the climates and seasons.

The effect of these cosmic influences is very profound and deep. Breath and the air we breathe is a symbol for these cosmic influences.

The Earth and our environment, the culture and society we live in, nourish and influences us and gives the opportunity for our lives to unfold.

Needs, desires and demands are being awakened and we have a choice how to act and respond.
Food we eat is a symbol for the influences of the Earth.

Then there is the influence we receive from our direct and indirect ancestry which gives us a certain history.

Each human being is the embodiment of all these different aspects and life gives us the opportunity to become aware of this through our feelings, emotions and mind. Once we realise our uniqueness and our connection to the wholeness of life, we might be able to live creatively on Earth and under Heaven. 

Qi is the natural inter-connectedness of all these different energetic and form aspects, and a blockage can give rise to emotional, mental, physiological or physical symptoms.

Usually only between 3 to 5 very fine needles are being inserted at carefully chosen Acupuncture Points, which will remain for about 20 minutes while the patient is resting.

Inserting needles into specific Points on the body can help relieve symptoms and more often than not will give the patient an opportunity for change. 

After the initial treatment and a follow-up after about a fortnight, monthly treatments are usually recommended until results have been established. 

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Conditions Acupuncture Can Help with:

Because classical acupuncture aims to look at the whole person in the above context rather than focus on specific symptoms in isolation, a whole range of conditions and symptoms, acute and chronic, can be addressed and treated.

Children of all ages and teenagers respond well to Acupuncture and understanding the symptoms and conditions in a wider context can help their natural development and prevent problems later in life.

The overall number of sessions required will depend upon your condition and how you respond to treatment.  We will discuss your individual treatment plan in your first consultation.

Our Price List

Initial Consultation –  £70

Inclusive of consultation, examination and commencement of acupuncture treatment.  Please allow up to 45 minutes for your appointment.

Follow-up Treatment – £60

Please allow up to 45 minutes for your appointment.

Children – £30

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About Me

I have been studying Acupuncture and Chinese Philosophy at the ‘International College of Oriental Medicine’ in East Grinstead, UK, which was founded and run by the late Dr J.D. van Buren and his wife Pauline van Buren.

I have been in private, full-time practice since 2003 and continue my education and research under the guidance of Joan Duveen.

Dr van Buren’s life and work has influenced many Acupuncturists and his work is being continued by his wife and Joan Duveen. I am grateful to all of them for their guidance and teaching.

I have been teaching at the International College of Oriental Medicine for 12 years and am currently teaching post-graduate seminars on 5 Elements, Stems & Branches and Pulse Diagnosis. For students and colleagues who are interested in this, please have a look at:

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On your first appointment, we will have a talk and I will ask you about your presenting symptoms and also your past medical history, lifestyle and diet.

A fundamental principle of Chinese Medicine that everything is interconnected, and all the different parts are interacting with and influencing each other constantly.

For example, a particular type of diet might lead to certain symptoms and health problems, but it could also be the other way around, that certain imbalances and health problems will prompt us to eat certain foods in order to compensate.

We all know too well that tiredness and exhaustion might make us reach for sugary foods and coffee. This will probably help us for a short while, but later will lead to even more tiredness or exhaustion, which might then become a chronic problem.

The same can be said for posture and musculoskeletal problems. Internal problems often manifest on the surface as muscle tension, joint problems and pain. As it is possible that a certain diet will lead to musculoskeletal problems.
Therefore, posture and the condition of our muscles and joints can be an important diagnostic tool for internal imbalances and disharmonies. But as above, continuous bad posture or movement might lead to internal problems.

These principles apply to all aspects of our being, not only our physical body, but also our emotional and mental state.
Talking with you and getting to know you will help me to establish a pattern I will be able to work with and treat you.

Then I will ask you to lie on the treatment couch and I will take your pulse. Pulse diagnosis goes beyond just counting the pulse rate and gives unique insight into the energetic state of the body. This usually will take a few minutes and after that I will tell you what my diagnosis is and explain to you how we can go about treatments in general.

After this, a few acupuncture points are chosen, and usually between 2-5 needles are inserted.
The needles will stay in place for 20 minutes, during which it is often advisable to rest.

On follow-up treatments, the initial talk will be shorter. We will talk about the changes that have happened, after which I will take your pulse and decide on the treatment I will use that day.

This is understandably a very common question and I will discuss this with you at your first appointment. I will do my best to explain to you my treatment plan, which will include frequency of treatments.

Every person is a unique individual, so even when presenting with same symptoms, the underlying pattern and therefore treatment principle will different from person to person. This is why it is difficult to give general guidelines without having seen you before.

Because Chinese Medicine does not look at isolated symptoms but tries to determine and understand the underlying disharmony and imbalances, theoretically all conditions can benefit from Acupuncture treatment.

In your first appointment, I will discuss with you personally how I think that Acupuncture can help you with your symptoms and condition.

No, you don’t. Sometimes, people just don’t feel well or feel that something is not right but can’t put their finger on it and don’t have a diagnosis from their doctor.

Due to the different way that Chinese Medicine looks at the many aspects of body, mind and emotions, it will be able to determine a pattern of disharmony and imbalance and formulate a treatment plan.

Yes, Acupuncture can be very beneficial for them, because often treating at a young age will prevent the initial imbalances and disharmonies to become chronic in later life as the body adjusts and learns to live with these if not treated.

Children are by their nature very dynamic, which means that often also their symptoms appear to be very severe, such as skin and breathing problems are symptoms related to digestion. Acupuncture can be very quick in addressing these problems and prevent the reoccurrence of these. 

Disharmonies and imbalances can also show themselves as emotional and behavioural problems or learning difficulties.

Consultations with children will follow the same format as for adults, of course often the parents will talk about the symptoms and history first. After this, I will talk and engage with the child and feel the Pulse.

In children, very fine needles will be used, and needles remain for a shorter period of time, sometimes only a few minutes.

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